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Stang-up Meeting


There is a misconception in some organizations that assessments are “coaching”.  In reality, assessments are tools that can be used as part of the coaching process and the assessments utilized must be customized to the individual client and their specific needs.  Assessments can be used to help identify focus areas, measure progress and demonstrate coaching results.

At Compass Executive Coaching we offer a range of behavioral assessments, emotional intelligence assessments, E-360 assessments and verbal 360 assessments.

Analysing Data
Hospital Staff

Comments from clients

"During my tenure as President of the Medical Staff, I encountered several instances where a disruptive physician required intervention to mitigate their behavior. It was of enormous benefit to have Dr. Dull assist with these interventions.


He applies the principles of Courageous Conversations (among others) that helped turn difficult and conflicted events into very successful outcomes for all involved. In each case, the physician was recovered and remains a contributing member of the staff to this day. I recommend his insight, wisdom and courage to anyone facing similar circumstances with a colleague."

DM, Medical Staff President Large Tertiary Medical Center

“I appreciated and enjoyed working with David through a period of discernment when my previous position was eliminated because of COVID.


David’s first-hand knowledge of medicine and health care organizations, and his respectful appreciation for the rewards and challenges of health care leadership, allowed him to quickly understand my situation and guide me toward what mattered. His genuine concern for me as an individual, combined with a remarkable ability to listen and ask questions in a way that allowed for self-reflection and discovery, were invaluable to me. People have certain gifts – David is the real deal.


I highly recommend David to any physician or other health care leader seeking to gain greater insight and new perspectives, enhance leadership skills, and advance in their profession. He is an extraordinary resource."

PU, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, VP of Quality and Safety

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